Easy Ways to Totally Energize Your Day

  Where would you like your workday to go this week? Up of course, running smoothly, right on through everything you need to do. But finding the energy to make it happen can be tricky. Too often we sail into the work with all flags flying, only to slowly sag into tiredness and irritability. Keep […]

Key Ways To Flip the Cancer Switch

Most of us try to stay up on health issues, and cancer prevention is one of the big ones that we hear quite often. But day to day, questions on what we do, what we eat, and if we smoke or drink may all blur the issues a little. Let’s take a look at some […]

Healthy Summer Taste Buds Ticklers

  As temperatures seem to challenge our remaining summer time, I keep looking for ways to win the battle and kick up the fun. Spicy almonds and a lemonade for kids and adults seem to be playing well at my house. See what you think. Half Lemonade – Half Virgin Mojito Epicurious posted results from their […]

Healthy Ways to Plan a Road Trip

  Every summer needs at least one great road trip, or special flight, guaranteed to make the best memories. If you believe that too, you may be making calls and pulling the details together right now. But don’t forget to pencil in vital health details for you and your family, and pack along a complete […]

Smart Ways to Fight Muscle Early Loss

  Muscle loss can be a sneaky opponent.  It often sabotages seniors, but it can also hit anyone who fails to exercise muscles. As we all spin through long days and rack up work hours, muscles often get shortchanged.  So when you struggle to lift something heavy or find yourself wrestling with a jar lid, […]

How the Exhaustion Breakthrough Refuels Energy

  As I navigated Monday morning, starting with two cups of coffee and the CBS Morning News with Charlie Rose, I heard them announce, “The Exhaustion Breakthrough.” Dr. Holly Phillips came out, looking like energy personified, slim and vibrant in brilliant orange. She said she suffered from tiredness for 20 years, as she saw patient after […]

What’s Loving Your Job Really All About?

  Most of us try to find a job that fits, and if we do, we are pleased. Although, sometimes we may wonder what the perfect job really means. At that point, there may be more things to consider. How We See Things Matters A recent Huffington Post article considers this when they look at […]