How To Increase Your Range of Motion and Re-Energize

picture of person in poolSometimes life soars. Other times it waivers when we stretch to reach the top shelf or slowly bend to pick something up.

Range of motion, the amount you can move a joint in various directions, can change when you are not looking if you work too many hours in a fixed position and let your gym time lag. 

But if you monitor your body and keep self-correcting you can give your future wellness a boost and reduce the risk of injuries. Whatever your daily schedule looks like, stretching could be a wise investment in your future.

But where do you begin? 

Visit Your Local Chiropractor – In your first visit The Joint Chiropractic can help you assess your range of motion, explain  how joint dysfunctions may occur, and how a chiropractic adjustment is used to correct them. The Joint  makes it easy, offering a hassle free comprehensive health and care wellness program that eliminates appointments and insurance with walk-in visits and affordable pricing plans. 

Start Stretching Daily – Pure Yoga head-to-toe stretches from can become a daily routine. Deepen each stretch as you exhale. Stop if you feel pain. As always, see your doctor before beginning new exercises.

  • The Runner’s Stretch – Step forward with your right foot and lower into a lunge, placing  fingertips on the floor or on cushions if your hands don’t reach. Breathe in, then in one motion, exhale as you straighten your right leg. Slowly return to the lunge position. Repeat four times. Switch sides.
  • The Standing Side Stretch – Stand with your feet together, arms straight overhead. Clasp hands together, interlace fingers with pointer fingers extended. Inhale and reach upward. Breathe out and bend your upper body to the right. Take five slow breaths. Slowly return to the center. Repeat on the left side.
  • The Forward Hang – Stand with your feet hip-distance apart, knees slightly bent. Interlace fingers behind your back. If your hands don’t touch use a towel to connect. Breathe in, straighten your arms to expand your chest. Exhale and bend at your waist, letting your hands stretch upward. Hold for five deep breaths.

Try a Little Water Stretching  – Exercise in water supports your weight automatically reducing stress on your joints. It lets you try exercises before trying them on the ground. And 85 degrees of warm water can soothe your joints as you exercise. End result – you increase range of motion with very little effort.

As you improve your range of motion, keep looking for more ways to stay flexible. Also consider setting up an ongoing plan with the Joint Chiropractic, making health and wellness an ongoing priority for your future.


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